Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

Not sure what holiday gift to get for your significant other? Sometimes coming up with holiday gift ideas can be a challenge. The sound you never want to hear on Christmas morning is the sound of silence as your present is being opened. You may be the type of Mr. who prides himself as being the best gift giver out of all your friends. But if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that even a self proclaimed best gift giver can use a little bit of help.

So we decided we would gather our female stylists and ask them what their favorite past holiday gifts have been and what’s on their holiday list for this year.

Read on to gather some holiday gift ideas for your special someone.


Makeup Academy Blockbuster

Grown-up kid, meet candy store. A jaw-dropping 130 colors for complete, eye, lip and full-face looks.  $49.50 ($210 value)


Sherpa Robe

Treat her to this soft and fluffy monogrammed robe. She’ll thank you for it later. $75 on sale

Jewelry Holder

McKenna Leather Travel Jewelry Portfolio

Valuables will remain organized on short trips or long vacations. Plus it can double up as a clutch if she so chooses.  $79



Why spend money on flavored waters when you can create your own all-natural version at home. You can add your own veggies, herbs or fruits into the pitcher’s infuser. $30


Charter Club Gloves

This will be something she keeps for years to come and with all these bold and beautiful colors to choose from you simply can’t go wrong. $72


The Dreamer Flannel Pajama

These will go perfectly with the robe shown above. A button down top and drawstring pants will help her relax in style. $49.50


Solid Cashmere Throw

Your honey will want to cuddle up with you and this 100% cashmere throw on cold winter evenings. $199


Concave Pave Ring

A gorgeous cocktail ring that she can wear to ring in the New Year with you. $125


The Mr. Collection: Clothing & Accessories Subscription Rental Service

And after all the shopping for the women in your life, why not reward yourself with the gift of style? Or just add it to your own holiday list for someone else to gift to you!

Check out The Mr. Collection for details.

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