Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers to show each other mutual love and admiration. We here at The Mr. Collection feel that this type of behavior should be shown all year long. But since there is a day that is marked on our calendars as Cupid’s day, then by all means, we must partake willingly. Plus, our wives and girlfriends would be very upset with us if we ignored this special day completely.

Valentine’s Day may be a little over two weeks away but you know how fast things creep up. Plus, if you want to order something online for your lady, you better get to it. Remember what happened with UPS and FedEx this past holiday season? Your significant other will want to unwrap you on this day of love but she will also want to unwrap a gift, even if only a box of chocolates. So, use this list as your guide and get to shopping!

We asked the men around the office what they are getting for their girls this year and the following is what was on their lists:

‘Fall in Love’ Nail Art Collection: Nordstrom


This is a really inexpensive present that will bring her much joy. Women love to paint their nails so why not give your girl a box set with 18-candy coated colors? She will have so much to choose from she won’t know where to start.

Price: $20

Marc by Marc Jacobs Love Stud Earrings: Bloomingdales


Elegant and simple. These heart earrings are sure to steal her heart this Valentine’s Day.

Price: $42

Massage: From Anywhere


Do a quick Yelp search for a massage place in your area and book a couples massage for you and yours. These intimate sessions bode well for intimacy and relaxation.

Chocolate: Shari’s Berries


Never underestimate the power of chocolate. Women are known for loving their chocolate. Shari’s Berries takes it a step further by updating the chocolate theme with a bit of creativity.

Price: Ranging from $19.99 to $149.99

Honey My Heart: Etsy


You can’t go wrong with any of the products found in this Etsy collection, but this ring is especially perfect for Valentine’s Day. It is handmade which will make each one unique. Truly a gem of a find. And you can pair it with the earrings from Bloomingdales for a complete set of your own.

Price: $55

Classic French Macaroons: Dean & Deluca


Macaroons are delightfully sinful and these macaroons from Dean & Deluca are no exception. Enjoy two of each of these flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Pistachio, Lemon, Coconut, Coffee, Violet Cassis, Almond Wedding, Lychee, Earl Grey Tea, Chocolate Passion Fruit and Raspberry Rose.

Price: $48.50
Original Price: $60

Michael Kors Watch: Macy*s


This watch is the perfect accessory to add a pop of color to her outfit. Plus it will do double-duty in serving as not only a timepiece, but as a jewelry statement.

Price: $180

Mini Rose Garden: Harry & David

Mini Rose Garden

Bouquets of flowers are always appreciated by women, but they die after a few days. Instead take the money you would have spent on them and buy her this potted rose garden. It won’t die straight away and you can both appreciate it in your garden for years to come.

Price: $49.50

Personalized Porcelain Faux Bois Mug Set: Uncommon Goods


A gift that you can enjoy together. It’s made-to-order, so it won’t be sent out until after Valentine’s Day, but it will be worth the wait. You can add a note in a box saying that something special is on its way. If you do this, don’t show up empty handed the night of. Make sure and at least buy her flowers and/or chocolates.

Price: $72

Infinite Love Gold-Dipped Infinity Necklace: Neiman Marcus


We polled the guys at The Mr. Collection to find out what style jewelry they go for when their lady hasn’t specified what she wants. It was unanimous that the simpler the better. This charming necklace is very simple but can be versatile when layered with other fashionable pieces she already owns. And if that wasn’t enough to sell you on it, it’s handmade in the USA!

Price: $60

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